Welcome to ABD Solutions

ABD Solutions have been one of top 3 Vodafone External Enterprise partners nationally and undoubtedly no 1 in Victoria for more than 5 years. We have been proven to be one of the best partners of VHA since we started our operation. ABD has been resilient to any challenges and represented VHA brand to SME market with pride. Our history shows we have over-achieved our given target month in month out regardless of the challenges we faced. The journey has not been an easy one but we dealt with all the challenges and changes with outmost professionalism and excelled in achieving our targets by 130% every month. ABD has a team of managers who got more than 40 years of combined industry experience. We have the strength, experience, expertise and a well established network of sales professionals, lead generations staffs, compliance professionals and managers and people to expand our operations in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales and deploy growth strategies as situation demands. Our main strength has been to adapt to the changes and challenges to meet VHA’s need as a business partner while achieving our acquisition target while looking after our existing base with outmost importance. We intend to reach new goals this year and moving forward through a solid and proven strategy we followed since the beginning of ABD and is to add value to our customers through market leading communication solutions. We aim to focus on long term value of any interaction with every client. It is lot easier to sell, service, up sell and market, value added services to our existing data base.

Our Vision Statement

Our aim is to be indispensible part of VHA’s External Enterprise Channel network. We intend to be number 1 VHA’s business partner nationally with the clear direction and support of VHA’s executive team and to improve on skills of our work force. We will devout ourselves to provide excellent business communication solutions to our clients. We are the king in dealing with customers in SME segment and we intend to deliver added value to our clients through productivity apps and third party applications to complement our offerings. We intend to build on existing strength and be the number one business channel in Victoria and nationally. Short term goal is to focus on acquisition initiatives and how we can add value to Vodafone’s existing client’s base; also to build a robust follow up of our existing database. We also are committed to up skill our work force in ever changing environment of technological innovation. We would like to feel proud to be part of Vodafone family. We anticipate that market will be challenging in next few years but we have process, policies and manpower to deliver a strong growth in new customer base/revenue. Retention and prevention of churn will become focus of our strategy going forward. Best days of ABD Solutions are ahead of us. We look forward to serving our clients and provide a world class customer experience.

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Samsung Galaxy S

4" Super AMOLED screen. Android powered

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HTC Desire HD

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iPhone 4.0

Retina Screen, iOS 4.3.2 loaded & 5-megapixel still camera

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